Free CCNA Lab Configuring Point-To-Point Encapsulation

In this lab activity, you will create a network that is similar to the one shown in the Topology Diagram. Begin by perform the initial router configurations required for connectivity. Use the IP addresses that are provided in the network diagram to apply an addressing scheme to the network devices. After completing the basic configuration, test connectivity between the devices on the network. First test the connections between directly connected devices, and then test connectivity between devices that are not directly connected. configure EIGRP on the routers for end-to-end communication to take place between the network hosts. Configure Static default route on R1 to reach the ISP hosts.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this lab, you will be able to:

  • Perform basic configuration tasks on a router.
  • Configure and activate Serial and Ethernet interfaces.
  • Configure PPP as the Encapsulation method.
  • Configure HDLC as the Encapsulation method.
  • Review routing configurations.
  • Test connectivity.

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  Point to Point Encapsulation (211.4 KiB, 9,190 hits)

  Packet Tracer 5-3-3 By Cisco (48.3 MiB, 1,934 hits)
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3 Responses to “Free CCNA Lab Configuring Point-To-Point Encapsulation”

  1. rishi ranjan says:

    i m ccna freasher and i will search ajob for this field.

  2. Chris says:

    (CD-ROM) This product is ok. I got a while back for my CCNA with the CCNA kit. It has a decnet supporting lineup of router and switches. It seriously lacks commands especially in routers. just a few I noticed when creating my virtual network: any logging command and any exec command (which means you always have a logout timer) these are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head. There are many more but i can only remember the conf t ones right now and I have since uninstalled. I expected more from Sybex. Their CCNA study guide (Lammle) is amazing. All-in-all not good. To get my CCNA I used CCNA study guide (Lammle),CCNA IOS Commands Survival Guide (Lammle), CCNA Fast Pass (Lammle) for the book/lab exercises. I used Cisco Packet Tracer 5.3 for my virtual lab.Also, the Study guide would have been enough to pass the exam, but I wanted the extra command info and labs in the Fast Pass and Survival Guide.Packet Tracer is available through Cisco Academy and a few other places. I don’t really know all the ways to get it unless you are DOD. If your DOD you can get it for free.

    • Pstesco says:

      Any ideas on this??????Hi, I am having some iuesss with a switch that added to my lab:Cannot write mem error: startup-config file open failed (Not enough space)dir flash: irectory of flash:/ 2 -rwx 109 Mar 01 1993 00:01:47 +00:00 info 3 drwx 0 Mar 01 1993 00:02:22 +00:00 config.text 5 drwx 128 Mar 01 1993 00:00:12 +00:00 crashinfo 7 -rwx 3097872 Mar 01 1993 00:03:20 +00:00 c2950-i6q4l2-mz.121-22.EA4.bin 8 drwx 4032 Mar 01 1993 00:03:51 +00:00 html 362 -rwx 109 Mar 01 1993 00:04:23 +00:00 info.ver 363 -rwx 270 Jan 01 1970 00:03:13 +00:00 env_vars7741440 bytes total (3078656 bytes free)by amount of space free, I have enough space?Question: should there d for directory for: config.text, html?On reload, I get an error:00:00:08: %IFS-3-FS_CREATE_FAIL: Failed to create nvram file system, no NVRAM present-Traceback= 802D5198 802D7414 801E73F4 8009A400 8009A594 801D6884 801D6928 8011EC30 8011EE7C 801BB374 801BB360%Error opening nvram:/startup-config (Permission denied)Error reading config file flash:/config.text ANY IDEAS????????????????????I am here in the LA metro area and I think you said you are in Irvine.If needed, I can be reached at 626-590-8826.BRGS,Bill

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