Free CCNA Lab Basic IPV6 Addressing

Internet has been growing so fast that the IPv4 addresses are quickly disappearing. Although many organizations are already using Network Address Translators (NATs) to map multiple private address spaces to a single public IP address they still have to face with other issues with NAT, and many other devices such as PC and laptop are requiring an IP address to connect to the Internet. While this is not a permanent solution, but rather a Band-Aid it still serves its purpose for in the interim. To solve these problems in long-term, a new version of the IP protocol (IPV6) was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

While IPv4 uses 32 bits to address and provides approximately 232 = 4,294,967,296 unique addresses, although only about 3.7 billion addresses are assignable, Due to the fact that IPv4 addressing system separates the addresses into classes and reserves addresses for multicasting, testing, and other specific uses, IPv6 uses up to 128 bits which provides 2128 addresses or approximately 3.4 * 1038 addresses.

In this Free CCNA lab you will learn to enable IPV6, configure and verify basic IPV6 addressing on a router using the Packet Tracer router and switch simulator.

Configuring an IPv6 address is just as easy as configuring an IPv4 address on a Cisco interface; however an understanding of IPv6 is required. There are several commands that have been ported over to suit the needs of IPv6 on a Cisco router such as show IP interface brief for IPV6 is show IPV6 interface brief. Also show IP route for IPV6 is now show IPV6 route. You should take the time to experiment and discover new commands relating to IPv6 by using the Cisco IOS help, by adding the “? “Mark after the selected command.

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