New Multiuser VoIP Lab

This multiuser activity was posted by one of our readers Roger Gale. He has extended an activity posted on this site. He has added the follow features.

Students have their own pod of routers and dn’s to create.  The students need to set up (appropriate) eigrp routing and dial peers to each of the other pods.  Dial peers need to point to all call managers on the other pods (Hopefully

The challenge is getting the four-digit dial-peers to dial the five-digit peers.  The peers should use the expression ^….$ and ^…..$ for the four and five digit dial-peer respectively.  Solved peers Peer1 and Peer15 are included in the zip file and Peer1 (eg. 1101) should be able to dial Peer15 (eg. 15101).  The phone notifies unreachable after 1510 is dialed on the 1101 extension, but if the last digit (1) is dialed the phone rings through.

Passwords in the instructor’s pod are “bcit” for both console and enable if they are requested.

I would like to personally thank Roger for contribution and his support of this site.

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  Updated Multiuser VoIP Lab (517.3 KiB, 5,725 hits)

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2 Responses to “New Multiuser VoIP Lab”

  1. NinjaJellyBean says:


    I was hoping someone could help me with this lab. I have managed to setup the peers LAN successfully with the CME router however unless I remove the WAN router and have the CME router do all the work I can’t seem to get out of the LAN and across the WAN. I place fa0/0 with an ip in the data LAN but am unable to ping from any device to that interface. I have set the link to a trunk with needed allowed VLAN’s but no luck.

    If anyone could help me with this it would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks


  2. anshul1038 says:

    please tell where is teh solution for this labs

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