New Free Packet Tracer 6.2 Lab

The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate some of the new capabilities and devices in Cisco’s Packet Tracer 6.2. The new devices include 3/G and 4/G Cell Tower with a Central Office Server, Cisco’s 819 Integrated Service Router (ISR) with 3G/4G connectivity, and a wired Packet Sniffer.

In addition to the new devices new HTTP features have been added to the servers, including JavaScript and CSS support, HTTP and FTP linked file management, and the ability to import external files into HTTP servers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Configuring 3G/4G devices
  • Configuring the ASA
  • Configuring Clientless VPNs
  • Using the wired packet sniffer.


In this free CCNA Packet Tracer lab we will first configure a router to act as an ISP to allow the Central Office Server and DSL cloud to connect to the simulated internet consisting of three servers acting as DNS, WEB and Mail server.

Second we will configure a Cisco 5505 ASA to have three zones Outside, Inside, and DMZ. The Inside and DMZ zones will both be able to connect to the internet and the inside will be able to connect to the DMZ, but the outside will not be able to connect to either of these zones. Additionally the DMZ zone will not be able to connect the inside zone.

Finally we will configure Central Office server to allow the attached mobile devices to connect to the internet. In addition to this will configure the ASA to allow a clientless VPN connection from outside devices to the Engineering server.

After we have complete configuring the ISP, Central Office and ASA to support three zones as well as the clientless VPN, we will test are configuration and use the new wired Packet Sniffer supplied in Cisco’s Packet Tracer 6.2 to view the packets traversing between the ASA inside zone and the attached devices.

  Packet Tracer 6.2 Lab (400.8 KiB, 21,490 hits)

  Packet Tracer 6.2 (54.9 MiB, 1,328 hits)
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  1. Rov21 says:

    any one has the solution for this lab let me know?

  2. lilei says:

    hi complete configuration for asa

  3. Jason says:

    password to access ASA

  4. ageng says:

    cisco paket trecer

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