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Free CCNA Lab Basic IPV6 Addressing

Internet has been growing so fast that the IPv4 addresses are quickly disappearing. Although many organizations are already using Network Address Translators (NATs) to map multiple private address spaces to a single public IP address they still have to face with other issues with NAT, and many other devices such as PC and laptop are […]

Basic Router Switch Configuration Lab

You have just acquired a new router and or switch and you need to configure it to use in you network. To do this you will need to gain access to the device console. This can be done by two methods; they are referred to as in-band and out-of-band management. In-band management uses telnet to […]

Basic VLSM Packet Tracer Activity

Understanding and being able to configure VLSM is essential part of today’s network engineers duties as well as an important part of the CCNA exam.  In this Free CCNA Lab we will use Cisco’s Packet Tracer to model a small network that will demonstrate how to design and configure VLSM to subnet a single network […]

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