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CCNA Packet Tracer Lab Understanding RIPv2

This CCNA Packet Tracer lab has been provided to help you gain a better understanding of how to configure and troubleshoot RIP version 2 in this lab we will configure a basic lab topology, enable RIPv2 on the routers and configure them to advertise their networks. We will also learn to use Cisco IOS show […]

Build Your Own Cisco CCNA Home lab

So let’s say you have used Packet Tracer and you are itching to use the real thing and build your own Cisco CCNA home lab. Where do you start? What we are going to try to do today is cover a few basic strategies and concepts that you can apply in building a CCNA lab. […]

CCNA Packet Tracer lab IPv6 to IPv4 Tunnel

In our last article we used Packet tracer to build a dual stack network that supported both IPv4 and IPv6, but because not all networks support dual-stack, tunneling is used to transfer IPv6 traffic across an existing IPv4 networks.  Many current internet users do not have IPv6 dual-stack support, and thus cannot reach IPv6 sites […]

CCNA Packet Tracer Lab IPv4 IPv6 Dual Stack

In some of our previous lab we have learned to address and configure routing protocols such as RIP, EIGRP and OSPF with IPv6. Additionally we have configured Network Address Translation (NAT) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol using IPv6. But what if you need to implement IPv6 in an existing IPv4 network, to do this we […]

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