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What’s Packet Tracer 6.1 – Netflow

Several of the new CCNA curriculum requirements have adapted the new features in Packet Tracer 6.1. Among these new features is the NetFlow network protocol analyzer. This feature allows us to collect data statistics and analyze the network traffic. This is very useful when then troubleshooting problems, or design issues.  The data collected from various […]

Build Your Own Cisco CCNA Home lab

So let’s say you have used Packet Tracer and you are itching to use the real thing and build your own Cisco CCNA home lab. Where do you start? What we are going to try to do today is cover a few basic strategies and concepts that you can apply in building a CCNA lab. […]

CCNA Packet Tracer Mega Lab

It is very important to complete as many practice labs you can find, because if you are like me reading and taking practice test are not enough to prepare you for the real exam. You need to get some real experience configuring, verifying and troubleshooting routing and switching networks. This lab has been designed to […]

CCNA Packet Tracer Activity Extended ACLs

An extended access-list (100 – 199) is an ordered list of statements that can deny or permit packets based on source and destination IP address, port numbers and upper-layer protocols. Standard access list can deny or permit packets by source address only and permit or deny entire TCP/IP protocol suite. Therefore by extended, it means […]

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