Public Routing Labs


The following is a catalog of public Cisco Routing lab scenarios created by other authors that you can download here. These labs have been created for Cisco Packet Tracer but can be implmented with GNS3 or real hardware. I will be adding new routing labs as they become available so check back frequently to download the latest additions.


  Basic Router Configuration (50.2 KiB, 6,901 hits)

  IP Addressing (171.7 KiB, 6,291 hits)

  Static Default Routes (92.8 KiB, 6,076 hits)

  RIP Configuration (92.7 KiB, 5,596 hits)

  EIGRP Configuration (93.4 KiB, 6,027 hits)

  Configure Inter Vlan Routing (81.4 KiB, 11,199 hits)


  Configure Multipoint Frame-Relay (83.9 KiB, 5,300 hits)

  Configure Point-to-Point Frame-Relay (84.4 KiB, 5,125 hits)

  Configure DHCP (147.3 KiB, 5,444 hits)

  Configure NAT (84.4 KiB, 6,043 hits)

  Configure ACL (150.6 KiB, 5,801 hits)

  Configure PPP PAP (54.3 KiB, 4,974 hits)

  Configure PPP CHAP (54.2 KiB, 5,109 hits)

  Configure VPNs (137.5 KiB, 6,307 hits)

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