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Three CCNA Labs In One DHCP NAT Troubleshooting

The Cisco Packet Tracer activities contained in this lab cover two technologies that I feel go hand-in-hand, DHCP and NAT. This along with the troubleshooting lab will provide CCNA students a better understanding of DHCP and NAT.

Configuring DHCP Relay on L3-Switches

Overview: In this Free CCNA Lab Packet Tracer activity we will be configuring a 3560 distribution layer switch and two 2960 access layer switches. The network is segmented into four functional subnets using VLANs for better network management. The VLANs include Sales, Service, Data-Center, and a subnet for equipment management, which is the default management […]

Configuring DHCP Relay

In large networks, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Servers are located on remote subnets, sometimes far from where the clients requesting the IP are located. In these cases, relays agents are needed to carry the DHCP Discover packets sourced from clients to the data center where the big DHCP servers reside. This Free CCNA Lab […]

Configuring IOS DHCP Server

In this Free CCNA Lab we will use Cisco‚Äôs Packet Tracer to learn how to configure a DHCP server on a Cisco router. We will create an address pool and exclude certain IP ranges from the pool. We will then configure the DHCP server to assign a network address, default router, and the DNS server […]

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