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CCNA Packet Tracer Lab Understanding EIGRP

This CCNA Packet Tracer lab has been provided to help you gain a better understanding of how to configure and troubleshoot EIGRP. In this lab we will configure a basic lab topology, enable EIGRP on the routers and configure them to advertise and summaries their subnet. We will also learn to use Cisco IOS show […]

New Ultimate CCNA Challenge for Packet Tracer

In this CCNA challenge you will be configuring a small company with two sites Seattle and Tacoma, these sites are connected to the internet and their local intranet domain via a frame relay WAN. There is also a remote home office that connects to the internet and the company intranet via a DSL connection to […]

Configuring IOS DHCP Server

In this Free CCNA Lab we will use Cisco‚Äôs Packet Tracer to learn how to configure a DHCP server on a Cisco router. We will create an address pool and exclude certain IP ranges from the pool. We will then configure the DHCP server to assign a network address, default router, and the DNS server […]

Free CCNA Lab Configuring IPV6 EIGRP

In this Free CCNA Packet Tracer Lab you will configure three routers in a simple IPv6 configuration. Routing will be established using EIGRP. Finally you will use the Show and Ping commands verify and test the configuration and connectivity of the network.

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