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CCNA Packet Tracer WAN Lab2

The purpose of this lab is to provide a better understanding of The WAN technology Frame-Relay, how to configure and troubleshoot Frame-Relay on Cisco routers. In this lab will explore several types of Frame-Relay Implementations. This knowledge is essential to passing the CCNA exam and will be used in daily in your position as a […]

CCNA Split Horizon Packet Tracer Lab

This CCNA Packet Tracer lab has been provided to help you gain a better understanding Split Horizon and how to configure it on a Cisco IOS router in a typical hub and spoke topology. Configuring and troubleshooting Split Horizon by default is a essential topic when preparing for the CCNA exam and as a Cisco […]

CCNA Packet Tracer Lab Understanding Frame-Relay

In this free CCNA lab we will use Packet Tracer to model several Frame-Relay scenarios to help us understand and configure Frame-Relay. These scenarios will include Full Mesh, Hub and Spoke, and Sub Interfaces. We will also explore the problems that may occur when using a Dynamic Routing protocol such as RIP, EIGRP, or OSPF. […]

Free CCNA Lab IPV6 Frame-Relay

In this Free CCNA Lab you will configure three routers in a simple IPv6 hub and spoke Frame-Relay configuration. The Frame-Relay switch has already been configured. You will need to configure the routers using the predefined DLCIs. Routing will be established using static routing. Finally you will use the Show and Ping commands verify and […]

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