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Build Your Own Cisco CCNA Home lab

So let’s say you have used Packet Tracer and you are itching to use the real thing and build your own Cisco CCNA home lab. Where do you start? What we are going to try to do today is cover a few basic strategies and concepts that you can apply in building a CCNA lab. […]

Packet Tracer 5.3.3 Required For New Labs

As of June 1, 2012 all labs provided on this site will be created using Cisco’s Packet Tracer version 5.3.3. Older versions will not be able to load the new labs so you will need obtain an updated version of Packet Tracer to load the new lab activities from this site.

Cisco’s Packet Tracer Better than Hardware for CCNA

I have been using Cisco’s Packet Tracer to create training labs for over a year, and I have found it to be a superior routing and switching simulator for CCNA students. Beyond the obvious advantages of portability, taking very little space, low power consumption, and generating no heat this simulator has a number of other […]

Understand ARP Ping Traceroute

In this Packet Tracer activity we will explore the ARP, Ping and Tracert / Traceroute commands and how they can help you determine the path to a given device. This lab has been created using Cisco Packet Tracer and while all the commands can be used on most devices available today. For the purpose of […]

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